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Lamma Yekbarou

Investing is ‘Education’ is an asset that guarantees a promising future for our children. Parents always seek to maintain the best educational standard for their children. Have you thought of ways to secure and sustain your children’s education with the continuous increase of university tuitions?

Arab Bank- Egypt in cooperation with Allianz Life Insurance offers you “Lamma Yekbarou” Savings Program, which enables you to save for the future of your children and guarantees the continuous payment of their university tuitions”.

Illustrative Example:
Khaled is 30 years old, married and has a 3-year old child. To secure the future of his child; he decided to save a monthly amount of EGP 400 or EGP 4,800 annually to join in “Lamma Yekbarou” Savings Program. He shall increase his savings by 5% to meet up with any economical inflation for the next 15 years. [i.e. when his child reaches the university age at 18 years old.

In return to this annual amount, Khaled guarantees an amount between EGP 181,234 (calculated at 8% annual profit rate) and EGP 217,653 (calculated at 10% annual profit rate) in the form of annual payments between (First payment 43,083 pounds and last payment 47,605 pounds) to (First payment 50,289 pounds and last payment 58,703 pounds) at the time, in which his son reaches the university age of education with ““Lamma Yekbarou” Savings Program. Khaled guaranteed his son’s education even in case of death or disability – God Forbids – since the company shall pay the premiums on his behalf until the contract reaches its maturity date.

Advantages and Benefits of this Program:

  • High earnings on the investment amounts in accordance with the annual distribution profit rate announced and published by Allianz Life Insurance – Egypt each year. The earlier announced profits for the previous years were as follows:

  • Protection of your investment amounts against inflation with a variation rate between 1% and 7%.
  • Possibilty to choose the currency of the program ; Egyptian Pound ‘EGP’ or U.S. Dollar .
  • Saving the appropriate amounts of university installments through convenient monthly premiums to be directly deducted from your account at Arab Bank – Egypt with no extra charges.
  • Ease of amending payments every year in accordance with the customer’s wish.
  • Saved amounts subject to tax exemption in accordance with the Egyptian Tax Law.

Coverage of this Program:
Waiver of premiums in case of death and payment of university tiuitions by the company at contract maturity date.

Provisions of this Program:

  • The insured should be a customer of Arab Bank - Egypt.
  • The age of the insured should between 18 to 60 years.
  • Mimi monthly premiums that start from EGP 100 or 20 USD.

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